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Goal setting

We are often asked about our ‘goals in life’ when it comes to careers or discussions about the future. ‘Squad goals’ or ‘couple goals’ appear in many Instagram posts, but what does this really mean? Are personal goals something we want to be, or want to have?

In this article, you will find help to set and achieve your goals:


Goal setting

Why do people self-harm?

Self-harm is when someone intentionally damages or injures their body. Also known as self-injury, it can take on many forms, such as cutting, burning, hitting, or scratching.

Risky behaviour that can be harmful is also considered self-harm behaviour. Binge drinking to the point of blacking out or vomiting regularly, restricting food intake, or overeating could be considered risky.

Why do people self-harm?

Worrying about the future

The future and how we feel about it can make us feel overwhelmed. Either by the amount of choice, or lack of it.

Being worried about the future is not uncommon. Some people have a very clear map of what road they hope to take. Others are less certain.

Few could have predicted the pandemic and how that has affected our immediate future.

When thinking about the future, we may experience a range of emotions including confusion, frustration, anger or sadness.

What you’ll find in this article

Worrying about the future

Ask Jigsaw: I feel lonely at school

What do I do when no one at school likes me and when I feel lonely at school and have no one to go to and don’t want to go to a counsellor or a teacher because you feel they aren’t helpful.


Hi RedLight2,

I am sorry that you are feeling so lonely and you haven’t found that anyone has been helpful. School can be really tough at times. It can seem that some people make friends easily and find their ‘tribe’ straight away. However, for some of us, fitting in is more challenging and school can amplify our sense of loneliness.

Ask Jigsaw: I feel lonely at school

Ask Jigsaw: Don’t want to go back to counselling

Hey, this isnt even a question but ive been feeling so odd recently and its impacting my behaviour, like my eating habits are all over the place, I’m either crying or really feel like crying every evening and my relationship with my family hasnt been great either.

I tried counselling before and it didn’t really work out for me that well at the time… and when i told the counsellor about my eating habits, they said they think its due to anxiety?? but i don’t know what i’m anxious about??

i acc dunno what to do but I don’t think i want to go back to counselling, as i don’t want to have to deal with emotions or things from my past resurfacing, if that makes any sense? I’m kinda afraid that things are a lot worst than i try to think they are but i’m also aware that fixing that would take ages and i just don’t want to feel worse before i can feel better?

thanks x


Hi xoxo,

I can hear a lot of pain and confusion in your message. It sounds like your mental health has been having a negative effect on many aspects of your life, including your relationships.

Ask Jigsaw: Don’t want to go back to counselling

Ask Jigsaw: Need to talk

Hi! I am a 14 year old student in Ireland. I am feeling a bit lost at the moment… You see I have been to my school counsellor a few times and the last time I went (about 3 months ago) I was really happy that day and I think my school counsellor thinks I’m fine now but to be really honest I’m struggling… Like really struggling but I don’t really want to ask to go see her again because I’m really afraid. I really know though that I need to talk to someone but I don’t want to ask my parents to go to a therapist outside of school because I don’t want to worry them…. If you could give me some guidance or anything really I would be so grateful 


Hi Quirky23,

First of all, well done for reaching out and talking to your school counsellor in the first place. It takes courage to seek help, particularly if you are feeling lost.

Ask Jigsaw: Need to talk

Ask Jigsaw: Do you help teens in the LGBT community?

Do u help teens in the lgbt community?

-Anonymous 17

Hello Anonymous 17,

Jigsaw supports young people from all communities, including those in the LGBT community. Some young people come to Jigsaw because they want to explore issues to do with their sexuality or gender. Other young people from the LGBT community want to come to Jigsaw for support that has nothing to do with this.

You can read more about accessing Jigsaw Services here.

Thanks for your question.

Justin, Jigsaw Clinician

Ask Jigsaw: Do you help teens in the LGBT community?

Ask Jigsaw: Feeling lonely with Covid-19

Hi. I’m feeling especially lonely at this time. More so than other days where I do feel lonely too, but now I’m completely isolated. I don’t have a friend group or support system to keep me company online and my family do keep in touch but they are far away (I’m a student studying abroad). The uncertainty of the global situation is also giving me major anxiety. I don’t know how to cope.


Hi there wav3rid3r,

There is more uncertainty and isolation in our world now, than we have probably ever experienced. Understandably, this can make our feelings of loneliness and experience of anxiety much more intense. As a student abroad, you are physically distanced from your supports which must be tough for you.

Ask Jigsaw: Feeling lonely with Covid-19

Ask Jigsaw: Friends not social distancing

I met up with my friends today and it was a bit underwhelming. It was great to see them but it also made me very nervous. First of all there was 7 of us, but the thing that stressed me out the most was the lack of social distancing. A few of us tried to at the start, but it got so difficult especially when some friends kept trying to get close to me. This really annoyed me and when i confronted them they brushed it off and said ‘a sure we will all get it at some stage’.

I understand that some of them are not in tune with irish news and it could be down to innocent ignorance, but its impossible to convince them to even try. Some people in my family are at risk, so social distancing really matters for me.

At the same time, I get serious Fear Of Missing Out when it comes to passing on hanging out, so I dont know what to do now. Any ideas on what i should do?

Also Id like to say a massive thank you for doing all the work you guys do, it means so much as a young person to have a place like this to fall back on when i need support:)


Hi Kayla,

Firstly, thank you for your kind words about our service. It’s our aim to provide support for young people like you, so it means a lot to hear that you can rely on us. It sounds like you’re in a tricky social situation and I’m sure that many of us will face similar situations, if not now then in the future

Ask Jigsaw: Friends not social distancing