Ask Jigsaw: Should I reach out?

I think I have anxiety, but I am not too sure and too nervous to reach out somewhere for help. I also have very poor self confidence and find that this is affecting my life negatively. Do you think it’s worth to try to reach out to somewhere .


Hi mm1224, 

Thank you for your question. Lots of young people wonder about whether or not they should reach out for help, so your question will help others. Reaching out for help is not easy, and it’s natural to be nervous about it.

You mentioned that having low confidence is affecting your life negatively. It makes sense that you might want to make some changes. 

Ask Jigsaw: Missing out on college experience


Lately I’ve been feeling very down and not being able to feel positive. I’m a college student, but haven’t been able to move away from home because of the virus. I live in a rural area where I don’t know many people and I feel very isolated. Many of my friends have moved away and are having fun in student accommodation.

I feel as if the “best years” of my life are wasting away before me and I am not getting the college experience. My last year in college starts next year. I am afraid that it will too be wasted with restrictions and having no social life. I am the youngest in my family and when I compare my college experience to my siblings it upsets me, as I feel as if I will never get that.

Being stuck at home, bored and lonely has made me feel constantly down, anxious and stressed. I know that nothing can be done to change my circumstances, but how can I help myself to feel some happiness. Thanks 



Hi Lulu17,

Your reaction to the Covid-19 restrictions is something we have heard from many young people. Being unable to move away for the college year feels unfair, and I can understand why you are feeling anxious and feeling down at home.

Ask Jigsaw: I feel like everyone hates me

I am always down and sad. I’m 13 and I’m a girl I feel like everyone hates me and I’m alone. I have a few friends but I’ve been sad because I lost my very close friends and it’s hurting. I feel like I have anxiety but I don’t know. I’m really a mess and I need someone to talk to. I’m crying a lot and sad. I feel like nobody understands thank you for taking ur time 


Hi Bb,

Feeling down can make us feel fed up, teary,  lonely and worried. It can also change how we view situations. We can think that people dislike us or that we aren’t good enough, even though these thoughts aren’t true. This can be exhausting and it’s important to mind yourself when feeling this way.

Ask Jigsaw: Feel alone and bite myself

I feel really alone right now I don’t feel I can tell my parents. I cry when nobody’s around and I bite my hand instead of cutting, it hurts but it helps me feel better. if you have any tips any at all that would mean a lot thank you.


Hi Doglover88,

I am sorry to hear that you feel alone right now and it feels like you cannot tell your parents. However,  you should know that you are not alone.

Ask Jigsaw: Assessment for ADHD

I’ve been thinking for a long time now that I might have ADHD and I want to get tested for it. It affects me daily and especially ever since the lockdowns and my school exams started. I was wondering how I could get tested for it but I didn’t know how  


Hi Fluffydog, 

Thank you for reaching out and for sharing what has been going on for you. I’m sorry to hear this has been impacting you so much. 

Ask Jigsaw: Do I need parental consent?

I am a minor and I want to get professional help. but, in my current situation, I do not feel like I can go to my parents but I need parental consent to receive any form of treatment. Is there any way I’d be able to go about receiving treatment or counselling without my parents being involved or notified?


Hi a,

Thanks for your question. We often hear from young people who feel that they can’t talk to their parents but are looking for support. So you are not on your own with this.

Domestic violence and mental health

Over the lockdown restrictions, we were asked to stay at home where possible. This was really challenging if home was not somewhere safe.

Domestic violence can happen in any type of relationship, no matter what your age, gender or sexuality. It can also happen in any family, regardless of culture, status or financial situation.

If you have experienced domestic violence you are not alone. One study by the National Crime Council has shown 15% of women and 6% of men in Ireland have been subjected to domestic abuse.

Domestic violence is not your fault, and help is available. Both local and national services are still open and offering support, despite the pandemic.

In this article you will find:

Ask Jigsaw: Struggling to talk to people

Hello I am struggling to talk to many people such as aunts and uncles, grandparents, teachers, strangers etc. This causes me a lot of stress and makes me feel bad about myself. It’s very hard for me especially with COVID-19 because I can’t go see a physiologist about it. My mam found this website for me and I think it will really help with this. Thank you.


 Hi Someone,  

Speaking to certain people can be difficult for a number of reasons. It certainly doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with you.  

Talking to people we might not see often, or a person in authority like a teacher, is different to speaking to someone close. It’s natural to be a little worried that we might say the wrong thing, or not know what to say at all.  


Ask Jigsaw: Talking about self-harm

How do you open up to someone about self-harm? I’ve been contemplating telling my mam or sister for the past few days but I’m afraid they’ll think I’m stupid for turning to such a bad stress relief. I want to turn myself away for it.

I’ve been self harming for a few months now and no one has found out and it’s been great, but I’ve realised that in the end it’s not great and i need to tell someone. My anxiety is just getting worse and I can’t go through a full day without having 2-3 panic attacks. I just want to “get better”.