Ask Jigsaw: I need help again

I suffer very badly with anxiety and went to CAMHS for years as a child. I started college last year and found the change extremely tough and found that my anxiety had come back nearly worse then ever but I just used what I had learned when I was younger and tried to help myself the best I could, but since Covid and the whole lifestyle change I’ve found everything extremely overwhelming and feel I need help again and don’t know how to go about it ?!?

-The Happy Anxious 

Hi The Happy Anxious,

The transition from school to college is difficult for lots of young people. It’s a time of great change and the beginning of new challenges, so it’s understandable that you felt anxious around this time. It sounds like the impact of the pandemic has made coping with anxiety a lot tougher. It’s good to seek support when we’re feeling overwhelmed, so thanks for reaching out.

Ask Jigsaw: I feel like I may have ADHD

I have always had trouble concentrating in general, but no one noticed because i was quiet. I feel like I may have ADHD as I strongly relate to most of the behaviors. How do I subtly tell my parents and try to get help.


Hi JJ,

It sounds like understanding your concentration difficulties is really important to you JJ. It’s great that you’re being proactive in finding out more, despite other’s not noticing the reality of your experience.

Ask Jigsaw: Constantly feeling anxious

Constantly feeling anxious in busy areas , school becoming a problem I can’t go to canteen by myself I have to meet friends first , a constant anxious feeling over me . 

– Layla104xx 

Hi Layla104xx,  

Feeling constantly anxious is exhausting. The physical sensations and spiraling thoughts, that often accompany anxiety, can be so strong that we avoid everyday things like school, or social events.   

Ask Jigsaw: Techniques to help motivation

Im currently really struggling with finding motivation and interest in college. I enjoy the course but for some reason i just cant motivate myself enough to hold down and do the work. Its not just in college though and its impacting other parts of my life as well including work and general interaction. Is there any techniques that could help me to focus or that would help me with motivation?


Hi sk,

Motivation rises and falls at different times throughout our lives. Understanding our own experience of it can  help us to manage it better.

Five a day for your mental health

Based on the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing‘ report 2008 by the New Economics Foundation (NEF), here are five things you can do daily for your mental health.

The UK Government commissioned the NEF to develop a simple set of evidence-based actions for people to improve their wellbeing. NEF drew on a very broad base of research for their recommendations, from psychological to economic literature.

Ask Jigsaw: Afraid of gaining weight

I’m not able to eat enough food during the day. I have seen things saying that a young person should eat about 2000 calories a day but if I do that, I gain weight and that makes me feel terrible but I want to grow. What should I do? 

– Hello  


There are lots of opinions about how many calories someone should eat. With so much information available, it can be very confusing to figure out how much food is a healthy amount to consume.  

Ask Jigsaw: I think I have an eating disorder

I think I have an eating disorder I starve myself some days but then binge eat the whole day like the next day and it’s a whole cycle of starving for 1-2 days then binge eating the next and it’s killing me.


Hi Justalonelycarrot2,  

Patterns of restrictive eating, bingeing, and starving can be signs of an eating disorder. Regardless of whether you have a diagnosis or not, it sounds like your eating patterns are having a very negative effect on you. The most important thing is that you get the right support to feel better 

Eva’s story: How Jigsaw services helped

Eva talks about what led her to contact Jigsaw and what the experience of getting one-on-one support from a Jigsaw Clinician was like for her.

Eva’s story

I was going through bit of a rough time. I was thinking that I was going to have to talk to someone about all of the things that were happening for me. So I googled Jigsaw and looked at the website and read the stories as well. I did wonder, is this really going to help me? Is this genuine? I just wasn’t sure what the service is about.

One day my rough times escalated … It was the month before my exams. I was in the library and I was so down that couldn’t focus at all. I was thinking, if this is going to continue, I will mess up my exams. I was constantly thinking about my worries and it wasn’t doing me any good. That’s why I decided to make a move and talk to someone.