Naoise Kavanagh, Author at Jigsaw

Issues facing young people who are immigrants

It’s not easy being an immigrant in Ireland. Some people had never heard of Ireland before they moved here, others knew very little about it. Even what language was spoken.

It can be very difficult landing in a country when you don’t know much about it.

This article covers:

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My trans story

This is a personal story written for us by one of our young volunteers. 

One of the earliest memories I have is of an Irish dancing class in Junior Infants. I remember being bundled into the hall with all the girls and looking back at the boys left behind.

trans flag coloured penci;s

I think I might be transgender

Being transgender is when the gender you feel you are is different from the gender you were given at birth.

This also includes being non-binary which can mean not feeling like any gender, feeling both male and female, or feeling fluid in your gender in that you feel male and female at different times. It can also mean feeling partly or completely a different gender than either male or female.

Some people have a strong feeling of this from an early age and others aren’t aware until they are older.

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2020 was a year like no other

Despite the challenges last year brought, because of you we were able to offer mental health support to thousands of young people across Ireland.

We could give families, teachers, and those who support young people the skills to be there for young people.

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Section 1: Exploring mental health and wellbeing

In Jigsaw, we view mental health and wellbeing from an early intervention and prevention perspective.

This section of the toolkit gives you the opportunity to explore the definition of mental health and wellbeing with your class, gaining an insight into what it means for them. It will also give young people the space to hear Jigsaw’s key messages on mental health and wellbeing.

Section 1 sets the scene for the following sections. These include exploring supports and challenges to our mental health and wellbeing and also taking a deeper look at mental health and wellbeing in your school.

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