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Christmas appeal

Christmas appeal

Thursday, 01 December 2022

Ireland’s young people need somewhere to turn.

This Christmas, you can help instil hope in a young person. You’ll help ensure they have someone to listen to them, support them and understand them when they most need it.

Growing up isn’t easy at the best of times, but young people today are living through times of unprecedented uncertainty. With your gift to Jigsaw, you can help a young person access support without delay.

Christmas appeal
group of young people standing against colourful backdrop
group of young people standing against colourful backdrop

How to donate

Please give whatever you can to help ensure a young person can access support from a mental health professional through Jigsaw Live Chat.


Jigsaw Live Chat is different to almost any other form of support that’s available here in Ireland because it removes as many of the barriers as possible that might prevent a young person from getting help from a mental health professional.

  • It’s free, anonymous and confidential
  • It’s accessed from anywhere using a phone or other device
  • Young people are very comfortable messaging. Someone, who may be feeling vulnerable, doesn’t have to walk into a room and face anyone – they just chat with a clinician online at a time that works for them
  • It’s available right away so a young person just has to register to request a one-to-one chat or join a group.
We depend on people like you to help fund our services for young people - especially now.


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