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CLANG with Jigsaw: Challenge yourself

CLANG with Jigsaw: Challenge yourself

CLANG with Jigsaw: Challenge Yourself

We know you want to play your part in supporting youth mental health in Ireland, so why not challenge yourself to our 5-day 50,000 step challenge and aim to raise €50.

We will be challenging you to do a CLANG activity each day to get the 5 a day for your mental wellbeing.

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How to get involved

  • Choose a date to begin

    CLANG with Jigsaw launches Monday, 22 February however, you can choose to do this challenge on any date that suits you.

  • Set up a fundraising page and share it!

    Set up a fundraising page on Just Giving or iDonate.Update your page with a photo and a bio. Share it online, email and text.

  • Activity messages

    Everyday you’ll receive a CLANG activity message from us. Check in with yourself as a reminder to do your CLANG activity.

  • After the challenge

    Announce the final distance reached and funds raised to your peers and anyone who supported you. Challenge a friend to CLANG with Jigsaw!

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