Hike for Hope

Hike for Hope

Hike for Hope

Jigsaw helps thousands of young people with their mental health through free sessions with our clinicians. We also provide resources and tools to help them maintain good mental health through our workshops, online resources and programmes like One Good School.

By taking part in our Hike for Hope fundraiser, you’ll help us be there for even more young people.


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You can also follow this link to sign up: hikeforhope.iregister.ie

Taking part

Taking part in our fundraiser is easy.

Join us on Saturday, 29th April for our guided forest hike in Glencullen park, in the beautiful Dublin Mountains. We’ll be hosting a fun group hike that will take about 3 hours and feature woody trails and spectacular views. We can’t take anyone under 16, but the hike is suitable for all ages and experience levels.


Do your own walk or hike. Choose your own and place, go on your own or bring your friends and family along. Walk the walk for mental health.

How fundraising works

Once you sign up to Hike for Hope, we will set you up with your own fundraising page. You can share your fundraising page with people you know, and it is really easy for them to make a donation through your page.

All donations made go to Jigsaw and help support young people’s mental health.


Getting started

  1. Register your name and details with us
  2. We will contact you by email to setup your donation page
  3. Decide if you want to walk in your own area, or take part in our organised hike
  4. We will send you out a fundraising pack
  5. Gather donations through your fundraising page
  6. Walk the walk for mental health or join us on our organised hike
  7. Your donation goes to provide mental health supports for young people.

Take part in a fantastic experience and raise money for a great cause.

Get started by clicking the ‘Sign up now’ button below.


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