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Mental Health eLearning Programme

Mental Health eLearning Programme


Sunday, 07 February 2021

Jigsaw, in collaboration with ESCI Education Support Centres Ireland, has developed a number of interactive online training courses for teachers.

This unique training, based on the latest research, was developed in collaboration with young people, teachers and schools. The courses are self-directed, and provides ongoing opportunities for reflection. Once you sign up using an email address, log in and complete the courses at a time and pace that suits you.

You can access our online courses here.

school bag with contents spilling out
Teacher participant
in pilot test of programme
It was realistic. The course designers/writers know schools, students and teachers, this is very evident and this is why the course is really effective.

What do I do next?

The Mental Health eLearning Programme for Teachers, is proudly endorsed by Education Support Centres Ireland (ESCI).

This two hour online training course introduces teachers to youth mental health. This course has a specific focus on the school environment and is suitable for all second level teachers.

The aims of this course are:

  • To build the mental health literacy and skills of teachers
  • To encourage teachers to think about their role in promoting youth mental health
  • To support teachers with ideas for whole school mental health promotion.
  • Finishing this teachers will receive a certificate of completion and be able to access a Junior and Senior Cycle classroom based workshop presentations with interactive resources.

This course is for those who work or volunteer with young people. To access this course sign up to our eLearning portal.

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