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Self-care resources

Empathy and emotional intelligence provide the capacity to identify and understand the feelings, thoughts and attitudes of young people.
However, the continuous demand to care for others - a daily duty for many school staff members - may cause fatigue, emotional distress or apathy.

Self-care resources

Self-care resources

Introduction to self-care resources

Without a focus on self-care, demands from school-life might result in compassion fatigue. This could look like feeling disconnected to your role, or feeling unable to be fully present in the moment.

Unlike stress management, which is reactive, self-care requires us to be proactive. By building it into our lives so that it becomes routine, it makes ‘taking care of ourselves’ a priority.

Explore some elements of self-care below. Take a moment to ask yourself: What areas do you succeed in? Which could you focus on more often?

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School staff wellbeing and self-care

Information on the elements of self-care for school staff, reflection and guidance.

Self-care online course

Jigsaw has an online self-care course for school staff. This will help you understand the importance of self-care, develop an awareness of your own self-care needs and develop a self-care plan.
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Webinar: Self-care for teachers

Recordings of how post-primary and primary school teachers can support their own mental health.