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What brings you here today?

At Jigsaw we have a wide range of information and resources in the area of youth mental health.

Jigsaw support

Choose the service that suits you best

Jigsaw services

Find out if there's a Jigsaw in your area, if you're a young person, parent or guardian or working with young people.

Information and eLearning

Mental health information for young people, their parents and guardians, and those who work with young people. Get practical advice from Jigsaw Clinicians who work with young people everyday.

Talk online

Talk to a Jigsaw Clinician online through our text-based 1: 1 Live Chat or via themed Group Chats.
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You can make a difference

By donating to Jigsaw today, you can help us provide vital mental health supports to young people across Ireland.

Schools Hub

In Jigsaw, we believe that schools play a vital role in promoting and supporting the mental health and wellbeing of young people.
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Check out our youth mental health and wellbeing toolkit for schools, including interactive resources, animations and guidance videos for school staff.
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Jigsaw services

We provide free, confidential, brief mental health supports for young people aged 12-25 in communities around Ireland.

A young person who attended Jigsaw
As a teenager I received the mental health support I needed. The work we did together has helped make me who I am today and I strongly believe that every young person should be able to access that kind of help.
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