Research and evaluation

Research and evaluation

Research and evaluation

At Jigsaw research and evaluation are a huge part of what we do. Our work in this area is guided by our Research and Evaluation Strategy 2020-2023.

Jigsaw strives to be a leading and trusted source of information on youth mental health. We do this by undertaking pioneering research and robust evaluation. This provides us with transformative evidence to advance the mental health of young people in Ireland (aged 12-25).

Deepening our understanding

Our research and evaluation team collaborate with young people as well as national and international partners to undertake innovative and internationally competitive research.

This focuses on providing evidence for effective early intervention supports for young people. It also seeks to deepen our understanding of youth mental health and mental health literacy.

Evaluation of services

We are also dedicated to evaluating the services and initiatives we provide in Jigsaw. By assessing their impact and effectiveness we build a strong evidence base for youth mental health.

Using the knowledge we generate, we inform the public, other researchers, policymakers and mental health professionals about youth mental health.

Our research to date

Picture of the My World Survey 2 banner at the event
The My World Surveys 1 and 2 provide valuable insights into youth mental health in Ireland.
Picture of a young man sitting down looking at his phone
Targeted, youth-specific, early intervention mental health services, like Jigsaw, can lower the financial and human costs of adult mental health…
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Measuring outcomes for young people in mental health services is an important way to assess the impact of a service.
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School/college-based programmes are a useful way for young people and professionals to learn about mental health.
Picture of a group of girls in school uniforms talking
Peer education workshops support young people to teach their peers about mental health.
A image of two young people sitting on a bench talking
Our early research estimated that the Jigsaw model of care could equate to savings of over €12.2 million per year.
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The Youth Research Council provides guidance and support to Jigsaw’s Research and Evaluation team across all areas of work relevant…
We are currently evaluating mental health programmes and initiatives in schools, further and higher education and community settings.
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Read the latest reports and publications related youth mental health.