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Your donation means we can be there to support young people when they need us most.

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“Jigsaw really helped my little sister when she was in need and the service meant so much to us.

You never know who is suffering around you that’s why it is so important to support Jigsaw so they can support others.”

Your donation will transform the lives of young people right across Ireland.

Thank you.

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Together: Goal 2

Together: Goal 2

Together, our organisational strategy for the period 2022-2025. Goal 2: Build a high-performing organisation, fit for the future.

Together: Goal 1

Together: Goal 1

Goal 1: Better mental health outcomes for young people from Together, Jigsaw's Organisational Strategy 2022-2025

Other ways to donate

Other ways to donate

There are many different ways to donate to Jigsaw: credit card, direct debit, bank transfer, post, or give more with tax relief.

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