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Our mission

Our mission

Our vision, mission and objectives

Our vision is for an Ireland where every young person’s mental health is valued and supported.

But right now, we know that’s not the case. That’s why in 2018 we developed an organisation strategy to achieve our mission over four years from  2018 to 2021.

It was an ambitious strategy based on three objectives listed below. These outline the areas we focus on to work with young people when they need us.

2022-2025 Strategy

We recently launched our new strategy ‘Together’ 2022 – 2025, setting out our plan for the next four years. This is based on two main goals:

  1. Achieve better mental health outcomes for young people through … services, mental health promotion, public awareness, and advocacy.
  2. Build a high-performing organisation fit for the future through … people, technology, funding, evidence.

>> Download Together 2022 – 2025

1) Influence change

We use our experience and knowledge to create a more supportive environment for young people. By working together with our partners we want to secure changes to awareness levels, policies and funding to advance our vision for the mental health of Ireland’s young people.

We aim to:

  • Be a strong voice in influencing public policy and conversation, through an evidence-informed approach
  • Deliver robust research and evidence to better inform systems change and effective service delivery, and to increase our collective understanding of youth mental health
  • Communicate widely Jigsaw’s prevention and early intervention approach to youth mental health.

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2) Strengthen communities

We believe in a community-based, holistic approach. We cannot achieve our vision without the active involvement of communities across Ireland. To make essential change happen, we want to inform, support, and educate everyone across Ireland about young people’s mental health.

We aim to:

  • Increase awareness of the collective role of communities in supporting young people’s mental health
  • Enhance the mental health literacy of the entire population
  • Improve our collaboration and partnerships with other services to create a more integrated system of mental health care for young people
  • Build the confidence and competence of young people, their families, communities and to support young people’s mental health.

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3) Deliver services

We will continue to grow and develop our youth mental health services and supports. We want to make sure that we are there for all young people when they need us most.

We aim to:

  • Provide an early intervention mental health service for 12-25 years-olds in their communities.
  • Ensure our services are accessible visible, effective, inclusive and timely
  • Evolve and enhance our Jigsaw services for young people
  • Open additional Jigsaw services so more young people can access the service in their local community
  • Develop online mental health supports for young people, their families and those around them.

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