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We strive to be one of Ireland’s most trusted charities. Nominated for a Good Governance Award for five consecutive years, it’s fair to say the bar has been set high for us…

And that’s just how we like it.

Thousands of people come to Jigsaw for support every year. This is made possible by the people who enable us to do our work by trusting us with their money, time and energy. We have a responsibility towards all of those stakeholders.

To actively demonstrate openness, transparency and integrity to our beneficiaries and donors Jigsaw operates to the Charities Institute Ireland Triple Lock Standards of transparent reporting , good fundraising, and governance.

View our 2019 Annual Report.

How Jigsaw ensures quality across all its work

Jigsaw’s national office provides a central programme of assistance to our services including:

  • clinical governance
  • quality assurance
  • fidelity management
  • evaluation
  • youth mental health promotion
  • project management
  • fundraising
  • communications
  • finance, HR, IT and facilities functions.

We remain committed to ensuring high quality, safe and effective clinical practice across all of our Jigsaw services and supports. Our mental health professionals undergo regular supervision as per our clinical supervision policy.

Ongoing assessment

Our services use an online data collection and case management system. This system enables us to conduct comprehensive quantitative and qualitative evaluation of our service delivery.

Operational reviews and ongoing risk assessment and controls are part of our daily work at Jigsaw. Each review is reported to management, the quality and safety sub-committee, and to the board of directors.

In 2018, we began working towards achieving the Trusted Charity Mark (formerly PQASSO). This is a quality standard developed for the charity sector, offering external verification of the quality and credibility of an organisation. We also began the development of a Quality Assurance Framework for activities that fall outside the standard.

Youth participation

Since Jigsaw was founded in 2006, young people have been involved in helping us to develop and design our services.

Through a national network of youth advisory panels, during 2019 over 130 Jigsaw youth volunteers aged 16-25 helped to inform and guide our decision making at all levels of the organisation.

Youth volunteers are represented on the board, its sub-committees and involved in recruitment of staff. They also represent Jigsaw at national and international events. This helps us make sure our work is relevant to the communities we support.


HSE Evaluation Report 2018

An independent evaluation of Jigsaw was carried out in 2018 by a consultant commissioned by the HSE.

The evaluation included an analysis of Jigsaw service delivery data; an overview of a typical user-journey for a young person who uses the Jigsaw service; and key informant interviews.

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