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We provide vital supports to young people surrounding their mental health.

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Watch: Self-care during Covid-19

Linda, Jigsaw clinician, goes through examples of self-care and our volunteers in Limerick give us their take.

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Anxiety | Information | Stress | Worry

Worrying about the future

Worrying about the future can have a significant impact on our mental health. Explore some concerns you might have what you can do about them.

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Anxiety | Family | Information | Stress

Difficult relationship with food

When we have difficulties with how we see ourselves, or don't like how we look, we might try to change how we eat. 

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College | Covid-19 | Exam stress | Information | School

Getting used to studying from home

Learning how to self-direct your study is a skill for life. Here are different strategies to help motivate yourself when studying from home.

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Anxiety | Asking for help | Information | Stress

Managing anxiety

Anxiety is a sign something needs your attention. It could be telling you that you may be in danger or something is risky. Find out more.

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Ask Jigsaw Q&A | Asking for help | Covid-19 | Information

Ask Jigsaw: Not sure if I am depressed

I am wondering what to do about my current mental health. I am not sure if I'm depressed or overthinking.

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Anxiety | Information | Perfectionism | Stress

Dealing with self-criticism

Too many of us are quietly, privately, hard on ourselves. Hear tips from Jigsaw clinicians for dealing with self-criticism.

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Information | Loneliness | Sadness | Stress

Feeling down

We all feel down now and again. With strict lockdown restrictions in place, it's understandable to feel down at the moment. 

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Stress | Worry

Dealing with unemployment

When facing uncertainty it is vital to pay attention to our mental health. Here are some useful tips for dealing with unemployment.