Ask Jigsaw: Bad news about my dog

Ask Jigsaw: Bad news about my dog

Friday, 28 August 2020

We got bad news about my dog’s health today and I don’t know how I’m going to cope without him. I don’t know if this is the right place to type this but, I just felt like maybe, but he has helped me through so much I just don’t want to go through something tough without him. He’s like my therapy dog and I don’t want him to leave me


Hi there CRB2010,

Thanks for getting in touch. I’m so sorry to hear about your dog’s ill health. Pets become such a big part of the family so it’s understandable that you are feeling that way. It sounds like your dog really brings you a lot of comfort and has helped you through tough times which is lovely!


Jigsaw clinician
Allow yourself experience those feelings, knowing that they will pass.

Difficult emotions

The emotions and fears that you are feeling are totally normal in light of the news you got about your dog. It can be helpful to acknowledge those difficult feelings and the thoughts of being without your dog.

Try to allow yourself experience the feelings, knowing that they will pass and nothing lasts forever.

As you know, unfortunately, death is a normal part of life. You can read more about grief and loss here. However, rather than focus on the future, it might be helpful to try to think of good times and cherish the time you have left with your dog.

Alternative sources of comfort

Your dog will never be replaceable as he has a special place in your heart. However, there may come a time when you feel ready to get a new dog and make new memories. As your dog brought you so much comfort it might be a nice idea to think about the possibility of getting another dog when that time comes.

If that sounds like too much too soon, you could look at alternatives that help you feel better. It could be a favourite pair of pyjamas, sitting down to watch a movie with chocolate. Something that you enjoy that could take your mind off things and comfort you.

I really hope that your dog will be okay and I will be thinking of you.

Mind yourself and take care,


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