Corporate Christmas 2023

Corporate Christmas 2023

“Loneliness. It’s like this big empty feeling, you know? It doesn’t have a face or age or anything. It doesn’t take a holiday, not even at Christmas.”

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When Aoife first came through our door she was drenched to the bone. It had been raining heavily all morning. She had spent most of it pacing back and forth outside trying to pluck up the courage to push the door and ask for help.

For so many young people Christmas is incredibly hard.

Aoife’s story is sadly all too common. For many young people, Christmas can be a time of loneliness, sadness, and isolation. It isn’t a time of joy, but one of dread and fear.

Your company can make a real difference this Christmas to children, just like Aoife.

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  • Empowering

    €250 can help cover the cost of yearly access to our online training courses for up to 67 teachers across primary, secondary and third level education.

  • Lasting Impact

    Jigsaw have supported over 65,000 children and young adults across Ireland. Those who have the courage to reach out to us for help are leaving happier, less anxious, and more resilient.

This story reflects real people’s experiences, but names and photos have been changed to protect identities.