Honoured to win a Good Governance Award 2019

Honoured to win a Good Governance Award 2019

Monday, 11 November 2019

We are delighted to win at the Good Governance Awards last night, in the category for organisations with an annual turnover of between €5 million and €15 million.

This is the second time Jigsaw have received this prize in four years.

The Good Governance Awards seek to;

  • Acknowledge, encourage and promote good governance practice in the area of annual reports and others areas of good governance practice.
  • Support and encourage the nonprofit sector to use their annual reports and financial statements to showcase their embracement of and adherence to good governance.
  • Provide practical examples to other organisations as to what an excellent or very good director’s report and financial statements look like.

Transparency and trust

Our annual report represents a real opportunity for Jigsaw to showcase our transparency and engender trust by outlining how we have performed in the past year and our governance, culture and financials. An annual report also provides us with an opportunity to communicate a comprehensive picture of all we do in Jigsaw. This award is also a recognition of the commitment from all our staff to ensure we deliver our work to the highest standard possible. As charites, appropriately, continue to be under scrutiny from funders and those who use our services, it’s great to be in a positon where we are recognised as be leaders in the field.

Winners of Good Governance Awards 2019

Other winners include the Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation, Children’s Rights Alliance Ireland, Trocaire and LauraLynn, Ireland’s Children’s Hospice, so as you can see we’re in good company. Find out more about the Good Governance Awards.

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