Annual report and accounts 2022

Annual report and financial statements for the year ended 31st December 2022.

Jigsaw annual report 2022

Jigsaw annual report 2022

Why we do what we do

Young people, like Stephen, get support to better understand and look after their mental and emotional wellbeing.


Stephen's story

My story began as a teenager. I had feelings of anxiety and depression, and when I was about 15 my father passed away quite suddenly.

Opening messages

Dr Jacinta Stewart


Our community-based therapeutic services, which consists of one-to-one and online supports continued to develop this year. Every one of us is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all. Jigsaw recognises the needs of our young people and recognises the need to adapt and ensure that the young person is at the centre of the core service we provide. We are learning and adapting all the time. Nothing happens without the critical people involved in this process, our young people, our staff, our volunteers, our funders and our board. They are the heart of this organisation. I want to thank all of them.

Dr Joseph Duffy

Chief Executive Officer

Jigsaw has a central role in prevention and early intervention in youth mental health in Ireland. Our position as a service in the primary care setting is influenced by demands and pressures on the wider mental health services, most notable this year with Ireland’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). Jigsaw, alongside others in the voluntary sector, calls again for increased and focused funding for youth mental health that supports the active implementation of Sharing the Vision, the government’s policy for the continued development and enhancement of mental health services in Ireland. Thank you for your continuing support.

Tammy Donaghy

Youth Advocate and Board Member

I feel Jigsaw is unique in that the voice of young people is not only heard at all levels, but it is also truly valued. In Jigsaw, young people really can implement policy and bring about change. I have always been passionate about youth mental health. I have my own personal experience of struggling within the mental health system, and growing up in an area with high levels of poverty and disadvantage. I've seen many people I know and love, including family, friends, and neighbours, battle against mental health problems for years. Mental health care should be available for all and cater for all.

How we helped in 2022

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Visits to jigsaw.ie, seeking information, advice, live chat and more 


Appointments offered to young people across our community-based services. Our highest number of appointments ever in a single year 


People took part in our workshops and training courses  

  • 1,464 live chats and 527 email-based support sessions
  • 13,417 users of our online Jigsaw Schools Hub, supporting teachers with classrooms resources and more
  • 8,405 young people sought support from our community-based services. Our second highest number of referrals in a single year
  • 146 schools signed up for our One Good School™ programme
  • 26 clubs participated in our One Good Club™ programme in partnership with Lidl and the LGFA

How we raised money

€15,095,677 total income


  • €1,740,242  fundraising income
    Income raised from donations from the general public, national and local events, community activities, trusts and grants and corporate support
  • €13,164,743 charitable activities
    Includes a national service level agreement with the HSE (Mental Health), and a local service level agreement with the HSE CHW in Galway

How we spent our money

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  • €16,193,853 was our total expenditure for 2022

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  • €15,633,388 was spent on providing our services and supports 

two smiling young people surrounded by balloons
  • €560,465 was spent on raising  funds

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