Looking forward to the end of lockdown

Looking forward to the end of lockdown

Monday, 20 July 2020

If someone told you last Christmas about an impending global pandemic, where people were encouraged to stay at home you would have thought it was science fiction. 

Faced with challenging times, we can look for different options to help. Sometimes it’s good to work out what we need in the moment and at that time for support. Other times it can be good to plan for things to look forward to, or work out what’s important to us for the future.

We asked some of our young volunteers around Ireland about what they were looking forward to and wanted to share some of these with you.

Family and friends

Unsurprisingly, a lot of our volunteers mention friends and family.

I’m looking forward to spending time with my family and friends after lockdown. Aisling O’ (18) Meath

Seeing my friends and going shopping. Amina Abdallgany (17) Meath

I am excited to see and spend time with my friends and family. Annemarie Driver (20) Meath

Going back to work, seeing my family and friends. Emily (18) Donegal

Seeing my friends. Daragh Nerney

Being able to go see my granny, friends and extended family members. Ruth O’Dea, Clare/Galway

Hugging my nieces and seeing my family and friends. Visiting my boyfriend whom I haven’t seen in over 4 months. Keith Judge (24) Dublin

Seeing my nana and giving her a hug. I saw her everyday after work and I miss that. Nicola (19) Dublin

I cannot wait to see my friends and family when this is all over! My godson was born the first week of lockdown so I am yet to meet him! This young volunteer has chosen to be anonymous.

Spending time with my friends. Yvonne (24) Limerick

I’m most looking forward to giving all my family and friends and big hug and spending time with them again. Mark (22) Dublin

Mikayla, 20
Jigsaw Volunteer
...being surround by nature, fresh air and friends.

Shopping, nature and banter

Of course friends and family are important. But, there’s other stuff too.

Socialising! Having the freedom to go wherever I want, whenever I want – I will never take that for granted again! This young volunteer has chosen to be anonymous.

The thing I’m most looking forward to doing when the lockdown is eased, is hugging someone like my grandparents or my boyfriend…I’m excited to see how the world is going to be once this is all over, I really hope it’s a better place and we appreciate each other more. Orlaith White (19) Dublin

I’m looking forward to seeing my friends and going shopping in Penneys and other shops because I’ve realised I actually miss just walking around seeing what’s in fashion. I can’t wait to get a haircut (I’ve been trying my hardest to not cut my own hair in quarantine!) I also really miss scouts and can’t wait to go hiking and camping again. Emilia (19) Meath 

I am most looking forward to seeing my friends, my grandparents and eating out with friends and family. Hannah (21) Meath

I really am looking forward to seeing my parents and siblings again, I’ve never been gone away so long without seeing them, they also just adopted a puppy before lockdown and I’m so excited to play with her!! It might not be a huge priority but I’m looking forward to going back to my local salon and getting my nails done again! It was my favourite form of self-care before lockdown and I miss the banter of the salon! This young volunteer has chosen to be anonymous.

Going down to my mobile home by the beach in Wexford and being surround by nature, fresh air and friends. Mikayla, 20 Dublin

What are the good things about lockdown?

It is challenging right now for all of us, albeit in different ways, so if is good to look forward to this. But, there are also positives to be found in this period of lockdown. Yes, true story.

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