Not just in your head

Not just in your head

Monday, 30 November 2020

We can often find it difficult to talk about our anxieties and worries. It’s not unusual to form a habit of thinking it’s “all in my head”, or “not a big deal”. 

National Women’s Council of Ireland are launching a three day campaign #NotJustinYourHead on Monday, 6 December, to highlight the importance of young women’s mental health and that everyone needs support sometimes.

Talking about mental health

To shape this campaign National Women’s Council held an online consultation with young women. The consultation highlighted while young women speak about mental health in general, they do not tend to speak about their own specifically.

Overall, they felt young women are interested in how others are feeling but not expressing their own needs.

Barriers to reaching out for young women can be:

  • Normalising their distress
  • Being raised to put others needs first
  • Perception there are long waits for services
  • Fear they would be seen as over-dramatic.

Not just in your head is about making sure young women realise it’s OK to feel sad and seek support when needed.

not just in your head with woman's face turned to the side

Different ways you can get support at Jigsaw

If you’re aged between 12-25 and need support, there are a number of ways we are here for you. Our 1:1 Live Chat allows you to speak to a member of the Jigsaw team about what’s bothering you.

>> Learn more about the different ways you can get support at Jigsaw



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