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Family dynamics

Finding a balance between what young people's parents/guardians want for them and what they want for themselves can sometimes feel like an unending battle.

A young person needs to feel comfortable with the choices they make. Using these resources, you can explore what is right for their own physical and mental health in certain situations.

Learning intentions

  • Assess when challenging situations come from family
  • Evaluate the impact of academic pressure from family.
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Junior cycle

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Family dynamics: Joe's story

a collage of a young male with the text Joe's story

In this scenario, Joe has anxiety about beginning secondary school, however he is experiencing anxiety from his dad's potential job loss.

Discussion prompts

Group activity

What is Joe's story about?
What are the problems that Joe is facing?
What do you think is the most worrying for him?
Do you think it is something Joe can overcome?

Family dynamics: academic pressure

a still of a young male and his female guardian at a dinner table

In this scenario, Colm is feeling the pressure of getting accepted to college. Not only does he feel pressure from his Mum but he also is feeling pressure from himself.

Discussion prompts

Group activity

What are the issues that Colm is facing?
What do you think is the most worrying for him?
Do you think it is something Colm can overcome?
Who can Colm ask for help?

For students
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Ask Jigsaw: I can't stand being in this house

I'm 18 and I don't really have the means to go out on my own but I can't stand being in this house.
picture of a person wearing converse runners standing on a white painted line

Maintaining boundaries

Boundaries demonstrate what we think is acceptable, or unacceptable, in peoples’ behaviour towards us.
Close up of a container full of pencils

Problems at school

Experiencing problems at school is not unusual for many young people.
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