Group dynamics

Making and having friends, along with feeling we fit in, is a big part of school life. Friends can become very important to us in school and can become like a second family. These resources will help your class discuss group dynamics within these friendships.

Learning intentions

  • Discuss different type of physical boundaries
  • Explore why it is important for an individual to be in control of their own physical environment.

Group dynamics

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'Anything to do with friends or friendship groups - the fear of rejection can be difficult'. Watch Conor, a clinician, discuss how to manage rejection, move forward and to be yourself with your friends.

Writing prompt

We can think that feeling a sense of belonging is more important than anything else. Being true to yourself is just as important.
Select this prompt and ask the class to respond to it with a 500 word paragraph.

Further reading for your students
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Maintaining boundaries

Boundaries demonstrate what we think of as acceptable, or unacceptable behaviour towards us. Read about how to set and maintain boundaries.
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Problems at school

Problems in school are not unusual for many young people. Whether it be problems with schoolwork, friends, or fitting in, you are not alone.
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Friendships and mental health

Friends are a big part of our everyday lives. Having good friends can greatly increase our overall sense of wellbeing.