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Our experience of social media

Social media is not going to go away and is an important part of young people’s lives. Therefore, it is vital to encourage a balanced discussion of both the positive and negative impacts of social media use. 

Learning intentions

  • Critically consider social media use
  • Become aware of how and why young people spend their time online
  • Discuss in a balanced way young peoples experience of social media.
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Junior cycle

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20 mins with discussion

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Who am I?

Liam's story

Liam's story video thumb large

Liam, a youth advocate for Jigsaw, talks about his experience of social media.
Watch this video in class and ask students to discuss Liam's experience or answer a question from the group discussion prompts below.

Group discussion

Ask the class to consider if there were positives of social media mentioned in the video that they hadn’t thought of before.

Invite them to reflect on which of these, if any, might be true for them. 

Further reading for your students
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Time spent online

Time spent online and on social media is often regarded as negative, but is this true?
young man on a sofa on his phone


Cyberbullying is an umbrella term for lots of negative behaviour online, such as bullying, trolling and online harassment.
Image of hands holding a gaming console

Gaming and mental health

Online gaming is a popular activity that can be a healthy and enjoyable pastime. For a small number, it can have a negative impact on mental health.