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Privacy, rights and boundaries online

Young people often feel under pressure to upload content regularly and to have a social media presence. Sometimes, this pressure might cloud their judgment around the rights of others. These resources will support young people to consider the right to privacy and how this can be impacted by online behaviour.

Learning intentions

  • Consider the implications of sharing online content about others without their consent
  • Consider ways to protect young peoples’ own privacy when sharing content.
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Junior cycle

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15 mins plus discussion

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Who am I?

Ian's story

Ian's story video thumbnail

In this scenario, a video is recorded and shared online without the consent of Ian, the person who is featured in it.
Watch this scenario in class and ask students to discuss what they just saw, write down reflections or answer questions from the discussion prompt below.

Classroom discussion

Using Ian’s story as a starting point, introduce some of the following questions to your class for discussion:

  • Do you think that Ian’s privacy was respected when the video was recorded and posted online?
  • If you were in a similar situation to Ian, how would you feel and what would you do?
  • If the people who recorded and posted the video were to respect Ian’s boundaries and his right to privacy, what should they have done?
  • Would they need to do the same thing if they were to just record a video of Ian, but not put it online?
Class brainstorm

Using post-it notes, invite your class to brainstorm different ways of protecting their own privacy while using social media.

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Webwise resources

Webwise is the Irish Internet Safety Awareness Centre. They have put together a series of videos on internet safety addressing a range of topics for both primary and post-primary level with PDST Technology in Education. Connected (2019) is a short film exploring how young people communicate and connect online. The film encourages young people to reflect on why their actions matter and the impact it can have on others.

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