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Self care and relaxation

Self care and relaxation can positively impact our mental health and wellbeing. This is particularly true for young people juggling school work, socialising, extra curricular activities, and other obligations. 

Learning intentions

  • Learn about the value of relaxation and self care
  • Identify new and existing ways that they can incorporate relaxation into their daily routine
  • Understand that relaxation and self care looks differently for everyone
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Junior and Senior cycle

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30 minutes

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Down time can help young people to relieve some of the uncomfortable feelings associated with stress and anxiety.

Taking breaks to relax also enables young people to feel calmer and better equipped to manage everyday tasks and think clearly, by improving concentration and memory.

In turn, these factors allow young people the focus and clarity to make better choices and decisions for themselves going forward.


Samantha's story


In this video, Samantha, a Jigsaw Youth Advocate shares how she likes to incorporate relaxation into her daily routine.

Classroom discussion

Using Samantha’s story as a starting point, brainstorm with students the different ways that they can incorporate self care and relaxation into their daily routines.

  • What are some of the things you’re already doing to help yourself relax?
  • How often do you get to do this activity?
  • Can you think of some new activities you could try out to relax?
  • How do you feel after doing something that you find relaxing?
  • Do you prefer to relax on your own, or with other people?
  • Can you think of one activity you could do every day, for 10 minutes as a way to relax?
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