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Social media and self-care

While there are many positives to social media, not all activities are equal. We all need to watch what we do and how much time we spend on it.

Learning intentions

  • Exploring ways that social media is used and identifying our habits online
  • Developing an understanding that different types of content can cause us to have different responses and reactions
  • Identifying methods of managing the content that we see and consume.
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Mikayla's story

A young girl is looking closely at her phone. Over the top of the photograph, it says:

Mikayla, a youth advocate for Jigsaw, talks about some ways to practice self care while using social media.


Ask the class to consider if there were positives mentioned in the video that they hadn’t thought of before.

Invite them to reflect on which of these, if any, might be true for them. 

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