What is consent?

Consent has become something we should talk about more openly. Talking about consent develops an awareness and a responsibility towards actions with others. Using these resources you can discuss sexual, digital and parental consent and the law with your class.

Learning intentions

  • Explore the definition of consent with young people using Mentimeter
  • Understand how consent works by examining the tea analogy
  • Discuss how to use digital consent by examining a range of scenarios.
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Junior cycle
Senior cycle

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40 mins

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Team up
Self awareness and personal skills
Relationship skills

My World Survey 2

Almost half (47%) of young adults reported in Jigsaw's My World Survey 2 that they had been touched against their will or without their consent and 20% said they had been forced or pressured to have sex.
There are laws that apply to sex and consent in Ireland.
The age of consent in Ireland is 17.

a screenshot of a still from Tea Consent

Tea and consent

Apply the visualisation concept video 'Tea Consent' for discussion in class. Copyright ©2015 Emmeline May and Blue Seat Studios.

Digital consent

Ways we give consent and give permission online has 4 actions:

  1. Active – also known as explicit consent
  2. Passive – also known as opt-out consent
  3. Assumed – also know as implicit consent
  4. No consent given.

Use the worksheet below in class in order to consider how your young people would organise and classify the digital consent scenarios i.e What consent action is used for when a friend adds a young person to a group chat without their permission?

Further reading for your students
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Sex and consent

There are laws that apply to sex and consent in Ireland. The age of consent in Ireland is 17.
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Ask Jigsaw: Do I need parental consent?

Is there any way I'd be able to go about receiving treatment or counselling without my parents being involved or notified?
Clinical Online Service Manager, Mary Clare sitting at her test typing on her laptop

Health and consent

Mary Clare Douglas is our Clinical Online Services Manager and we recently caught up with her to talk about Jigsaw’s online services and the difference they are making for young people.