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What makes a good friend?

For young people friendship is very important but it can sometimes be difficult for young people to recognise friendships that are less healthy. These resources will support the class to think about healthy and less healthy friendships.

Learning intention

  • Discuss healthy and unhealthy friendships.
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Junior cycle

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20 minutes

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Team up

Sarah's story

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Sarah's behaviour has changed recently. It is affecting her relationship with her parents.
Watch this scenario in class and ask students to discuss Sarah's situation and the place friendship has in it.

Further reading for your students
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Friendships and mental health

Friends are a big part of our everyday lives. Having good friends can greatly increase our overall sense of wellbeing.
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Problems at school

If you are having problems with schoolwork, friends, or fitting in, you are not alone.
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Maintaining boundaries

Boundaries demonstrate what we think of as acceptable, or unacceptable behaviour towards us. Read about how to set and maintain boundaries.