A trauma-informed practice

Cian (Clinical Manager, Jigsaw in Limerick) and Jason (Clinical Governance Lead) discuss in this video series, a trauma-informed framework that can support you and your classroom.

A trauma-informed practice

A trauma-informed practice

Big T' and 'little t' trauma

The word trauma might be scary for some people. A ‘trauma-informed’ way of being or working is a way of describing a particular framework to support and help people feel safe and to enable them to thrive in their everyday lives. In order to try and debunk, demystify and make the word less scary, Cian and Jason unpick the work ‘trauma’ and explain it in the terms ‘Big T’ traumas (significant life-threatening events) and ‘Little t’ traumas (ongoing more pernicious life experiences that outweigh our capacity to cope).

Press play to watch Cian and Jason discuss these types of trauma.

Trauma-informed video series
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A trauma-informed classroom

Cian and Jason talk about what being trauma-informed means.
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Dealing with bereavement

Cian and Jason discuss when a student has experienced the trauma of bereavement.
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Teacher self-care

Cian and Jason talk about practical tips for self-care.