Shaun’s story: How Jigsaw helped

Shaun’s story: How Jigsaw helped

Thursday, 29 October 2020

Shaun talks about his experience of getting support from Jigsaw. 

For months I wouldn’t really talk to anyone. I wouldn’t really talk to my friends, I wouldn’t talk to my mum. I’d always argue with my mum, stuff like that. And then eventually one day, my mum just recommended Jigsaw to me, saying ‘you should go to it, give it a try, see how it feels and if it’s for you.’

Coming to Jigsaw

Coming to Jigsaw was very nerve wracking. I was very nervous going in because I didn’t really like talking about my problems with people I didn’t know. But when I got to know the person that I had, it was really calming for me.

I’d say the strong points was when I first came in, every time I came in, they were always so welcoming and friendly. They’d always ask if I wanted something to eat, like biscuits or a cup of coffee and the staff were just very nice.

Making a plan

The first day I came in they were kind of just assessing me and what kind of help I needed. We started making this plan. It was kind of like all the things that were going on in my mind, all the things that are going on in my life and how we can work on it.

We talked about the problems I was having at home. We decided to make a plan of how to solve my problems and we wrote down all of them. So after we did that, we went over it bit by bit, trying our best to go through every one.

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Managing anxiety

Then she tried to help me get over my fears, to get over my anxiety. She gave me routines for my anxiety and how to stop it.

Basically, what she told me to do was to keep my mind occupied, to do things that I like. Like pick up a hobby, go hang out with friends, stuff like that. And to keep up the routine for if I get an anxiety attack, or if I feel like I’m getting an anxiety attack, just to do the things that she taught me.

When I felt like I was getting an anxiety attack or I knew I was going to get one, I’d do the things that she showed me to stop it from happening.

Has it helped?

I was still going through anxiety even after I left Jigsaw. When I felt like I was getting an anxiety attack or I knew I was going to get one, I’d do the things that she showed me to stop it from happening. And sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t really, but I find it’s very good for me anyway.

After I went to Jigsaw I kind of started talking to my parents again. And my friends that I fell out with kind of talked to me about it. They understood my situation and they started talking to me again. Still with school, I’m kind of struggling but not as much. I’m kind of more concentrating now.

It’s OK to talk

I’d say basically if you feel you need help and if you feel like you’re very down, this place is the best place to come to because they will help you. In my opinion, they will help you.

If you are going through problems, it’s OK to go to people. It’s OK to go to someone you don’t know because once you get to know your counsellor it will become way better.  You will become more comfortable with the person you’re speaking with

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