Strengthen communities

Strengthen communities

Strengthening communities

In Jigsaw, we understand that everyday experiences can affect mental health and wellbeing.

We understand the important role that parents, family members, teachers and other adults play. It takes a village to build a young person. This is never more true than when it comes to a young person’s mental health and wellbeing.

Therefore, we work with communities offering information, training and support. This helps build confidence in supporting and promoting young people’s mental health.

How we make a difference in communities

  • 18,416

    people participated in our youth mental health promotion workshops and courses delivered in Ireland in 2020

  • 12,384

    Members of the public registered for our online courses

  • 80

    schools signed-up to One Good School™, our youth mental health promotion initiative for schools

What Jigsaw is doing to strengthen communities

Picture of young people chatting,with one in a wheelchair

Increase awareness of the collective role of communities in supporting young people’s mental health.

In 2020, over 18,000 people from communities in Ireland attended one of our workshops or training sessions.

The pandemic had considerable impact on our ability to deliver in person courses and training. Adapting and using technology, we were able to provide support through a growing range of online courses.

As part of our response, we also hosted a number of webinars for parents and guardians, teachers, sports coaches and young people.

Find out more about our community workshops and courses and you can access them through your local Jigsaw service.

Improve our collaboration and partnerships with other services.

We continue to build on existing partnerships with a number of organisations, while also developing several more. This helps us to deliver our workshops and courses to a wide range of adults who support young people.

Our partners include:

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Jigsaw knows from the My World Survey the vital role that schools play in promoting and supporting the mental health of young people. One Good School™ provides a programme that supports a shared responsibility for mental health and wellbeing across the whole school community.

Even with the challenges of the pandemic, we still managed to support schools in delivering much of the One Good School™ programme. Results from our evaluation of this programme are encouraging.

Find out more about One Good School

eLearning and online courses

We now offer online workshops and courses courses for teachers, parents and young people.

Our mental health eLearning workshop for teachers in primary and post-primary schools is endorsed by The Education Supports Centre Ireland (ECSI).

In 2020, there were 12,384 registrations for our online courses, with a 54% completion rate (6,62 people).

Find out more about our online courses


Youth mental health promotion

Watch this animation about Jigsaw’s youth mental health promotion work to help strengthen communities.