Watch: How can I support a friend who is stressed?

Watch: How can I support a friend who is stressed?

Saturday, 18 July 2020

Alice, Jigsaw Youth Advisory Panel member and Sinead, Jigsaw Clinician talk about the effects of stress and how to support a friend who is stressed.

Jigsaw Clinician
If you notice that there might be a lot going on for your friend and they're quite stressed, this can be a start to supporting them.

Alice and Sinead discuss how to support a friend who is stressed

It’s good to get to know yourself and how you react to stress. It can be different for everybody, and you might react differently to your friend. Stress can have a bad effect if it’s allowed go on for too long.

If stress builds up it can affect your emotions and mood. You can feel really aggravated and ratty. Or you could feel really low and depressed.

If you notice your friend has a lot on or seems quite stressed, reach out and ask them about it. Read more about how to support a friend with their mental health. Sometimes it can take someone else to notice when we’re taking too much on.

That’s often what stress can be about: trying to get too much done when we have too little time. Read more about dealing with stress.

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