Webinar: Supporting young people to manage anxiety

Webinar: Supporting young people to manage anxiety

Tuesday, 07 July 2020

We ran a webinar for parents about supporting young people to manage anxiety during these unusual times.

In this recording, Jen and Fiona, provided an overview of what anxiety is along with some practical coping strategies. They then took questions from parents. The video below is a recording of the webinar.

Managing anxiety

The current situation is difficult for many, and young people we’ve heard from report an increase in anxiety. Others who have previously experienced anxiety about school or social situations have told us these feelings have gone away for now. But we need to be mindful of a shift while restrictions are eased.

We know anxiety is an issue for young people and is one of the main reasons they come to Jigsaw. Check out managing anxiety for more.

Questions from parents

This webinar was attended by over 200 people so we didn’t manage to get to all the questions that came in. In this video, Jen and Fiona address the questions that were not possible to get to on the night.

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