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Youth voice

Youth voice

The views of young people are essential to the continued development and success of Jigsaw. 

Through our Youth Advisory Panels, we listen to what young people have to say and involve them in shaping the ways in which we support their mental health.

Who are our Youth Advisory Panel?

Our Youth Advisory Panel are young people who volunteer to make a difference to young people’s mental health across Ireland.

They help us to highlight issues related to youth mental health. They build awareness of how Jigsaw can support young people and their communities. Their insights and input are invaluable in helping us to continually improve our services to support young people with their mental health.

Every Jigsaw Service has its own Youth Advisory Panel drawn from the surrounding community. Each Youth Advisory Panel has around 20 members, aged from 16-25 years. All of them are passionate about youth mental health and may serve a term of up to three years.

We also have Youth Advocates at a national level. These are young people who have been on a Youth Advisory Panel and have a special interest in a particular area, such as research or education.

Why be part of our Youth Advisory Panel?

Being part of a Jigsaw Youth Advisory Panel provides lots of opportunities to get involved in new things.

For example Youth Advisory Panel members:

  • contribute to the Jigsaw website, and helped develop resources for young people and their parents
  • help in the development of new Jigsaw services and ideas for ways to support young people with their mental health
  • raise awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health
  • get involved in events and activities to ensure the voice of young people is heard
  • had training in interview skills and sat on interview panels for Jigsaw staff
  • sit with the Board of Directors and sub-committees.

>>Read about Youth Advisory Panel member Alex’s experience of representing Jigsaw at Pride.

Jigsaw services recruit for their Youth Advisory Panel at different points throughout the year, so contact your local Jigsaw for more details.

Sarah Cullinan
Director of Services
The Youth Advisory Panel acts as our compass for when we are unsure about how to deliver, design and communicate about what we do and why we do it.

Why does it matter to us that young people are part of Jigsaw?

Young people know what works for them better than anyone else. They have a right to be consulted with respect to  the policies and issues that affect them.

Young people  are more likely to use support and services when they are consulted and involved with them. They help us to make better decisions.

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