Ask Jigsaw: Constantly feeling anxious

Ask Jigsaw: Constantly feeling anxious

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Constantly feeling anxious in busy areas , school becoming a problem I can’t go to canteen by myself I have to meet friends first , a constant anxious feeling over me . 

– Layla104xx 

Hi Layla104xx,  

Feeling constantly anxious is exhausting. The physical sensations and spiraling thoughts, that often accompany anxiety, can be so strong that we avoid everyday things like school, or social events.   

Jigsaw Clinician
Returning to school is unfamiliar and challenging, so it makes sense that you are feeling anxiety right now.

Why am I anxious?

Anxiety is a normal feeling  that everyone experiences because it performs an important function. Anxiety is the body’s way of telling us that something needs attention.

It can alert us that there may be danger or that something is risky. New situations or a testing time, like exams, often increase feelings of anxiety. People can experience anxiety in social situations, because interaction with others can be unpredictable and sometimes stressful.  

Schools were closed for a long time during Covid. Contact with bigger groups of friends and family is still restricted. Returning to school is unfamiliar and challengingso it makes sense that you are feeling anxiety right now 

Managing anxiety

If we accept that some anxiety is natural, and even necessary, we can reduce the impact it has on us. If we try to eliminate anxiety from our lives completely, we can become more anxious because it’s an impossible task.

However, there are lots of ways to help you to manage anxiety in the moment . Relaxation and breathing exercises can be helpful to practice  when you feel calm, so that you remember what to do when you feel anxious.  

Perhaps have a read through some of the information about anxiety here and see if any of it is helpful to you. You can always talk it through with us and get some more support at Jigsaw Live Chat to help you manage these feelings.

Wishing you all the best,  


Jigsaw clinician 

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