Ask Jigsaw: Feeling lonely with Covid-19

Ask Jigsaw: Feeling lonely with Covid-19

Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Hi. I’m feeling especially lonely at this time. More so than other days where I do feel lonely too, but now I’m completely isolated. I don’t have a friend group or support system to keep me company online and my family do keep in touch but they are far away (I’m a student studying abroad). The uncertainty of the global situation is also giving me major anxiety. I don’t know how to cope.


Hi there wav3rid3r,

There is more uncertainty and isolation in our world now, than we have probably ever experienced. Understandably, this can make our feelings of loneliness and experience of anxiety much more intense. As a student abroad, you are physically distanced from your supports which must be tough for you.

Jigsaw Clinician
Covid 19 has created challenges that no one could have expected, and it’s natural to feel overwhelmed.


Sometimes we can have a fixed idea of what a support system should look like. As we all come to terms with self-isolation measures, it’s important to remember that support can come in many different shapes. This could be a good opportunity for you to create an online network by meeting people with similar interests to you.  Pinterest can be a great way of pursuing a creative interest, and sharing your work with others. Gaming sites can be a great way to make connections too.

Using the online space to stay connected can be really helpful, but it can also be linked to feeling low. You have the choice to connect in whatever way makes you feel good. For example, we might struggle to be heard in a group WhatsApp chat, but Facetiming a Family Member directly could really lift our mood.

It’s really important that we get the right support for our mental health. At Jigsaw Online we offer two group chats daily, and they are a helpful space to share experiences. Depending on the country you are living in, there will most likely be mental health services offering telephone or online based support, similar to the services open in Ireland.

Covid 19 has created challenges that no one could have expected, and it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. Although it doesn’t always feel like it, we are resilient by nature and have the ability to learn new coping skills. I wish you all the best.

Take care,

Linda, Jigsaw Clinician

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