Ask Jigsaw: I think I have an eating disorder

Ask Jigsaw: I think I have an eating disorder

Tuesday, 29 September 2020

I think I have an eating disorder I starve myself some days but then binge eat the whole day like the next day and it’s a whole cycle of starving for 1-2 days then binge eating the next and it’s killing me.


Hi Justalonelycarrot2,  

Patterns of restrictive eating, bingeing, and starving can be signs of an eating disorder. Regardless of whether you have a diagnosis or not, it sounds like your eating patterns are having a very negative effect on you. The most important thing is that you get the right support to feel better 

Jigsaw Clinician
Any pattern of restrictive eating that negatively affects your wellbeing is a cause for concern.

Sometimes people think that they can only get help if what they’re dealing with can be diagnosed as a disorder. This is not true. Any pattern of restrictive eating that negatively affects your wellbeing is a cause for concern.  

Breaking the cycle

It sounds like the cycle of starving and binge eating is exhausting for you. When we don’t eat, we don’t provide our body with the essential fuel it needs. This can make us tired, irritable and low in mood. 

When we eat again, we are so hungry that we might lose control and continue to eat after we are full. Often this cycle is accompanied by negative and cruel thoughts about our selfworth. Challenging these thoughts, and beliefs about food, is key to breaking this cycle.  

Jigsaw clinician
It can be very difficult to work through this on your own.

Getting support

It seems that you have enough reason to want to change this pattern, and to improve things for yourself. It can be very difficult to work through this on your own. 

Reaching out and asking for help can make us feel scared or vulnerable, and that’s okay. Choosing to speak to a trusted family member or friend on your terms can make the process easier. 

There are lots of services that specialise in supporting people to make changes with their eating. The GP is a good place to start, as they can refer you to local services in your area.  Bodywhys have lots of online resources about restrictive eating which might be helpful for you.  

With the right support, you can break the cycle and learn to eat healthily and happily again.

Best of luck,


Jigsaw clinician

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