Ask Jigsaw: I need help again

Ask Jigsaw: I need help again

Thursday, 03 September 2020

I suffer very badly with anxiety and went to CAMHS for years as a child. I started college last year and found the change extremely tough and found that my anxiety had come back nearly worse then ever but I just used what I had learned when I was younger and tried to help myself the best I could, but since Covid and the whole lifestyle change I’ve found everything extremely overwhelming and feel I need help again and don’t know how to go about it ?!?

-The Happy Anxious 

Hi The Happy Anxious,

The transition from school to college is difficult for lots of young people. It’s a time of great change and the beginning of new challenges, so it’s understandable that you felt anxious around this time. It sounds like the impact of the pandemic has made coping with anxiety a lot tougher. It’s good to seek support when we’re feeling overwhelmed, so thanks for reaching out.

Coping Skills

It sounds like you made the most of your experience with CAMHS and put into practice some valuable coping strategies. Coping skills may need to adapt and develop as we face new and challenging situations. So a little bit of support can help with getting things back on track.

Jigsaw Clinician
We have a live chat service where you can log on and chat to a member of our team about how you’re feeling.

Getting support

There are lots of different ways that you can get support to manage anxiety. For example, you could contact your local Jigsaw hub, if there’s one in your area. You could also talk to your GP, who may link you in with another service that could support you. Colleges and workplaces often have a counselling service that are free to access.

Online support

At Jigsaw, we also have a live chat service, where you can log on and chat to a member of our team about how you’re feeling. There are a number of helpful articles on our website, including this one on managing anxiety, which are filled with helpful tips and practical strategies for minding your mental health.

Thanks again for your question, The Happy Anxious. It sounds like you’re taking proactive steps to mind your mental health and manage those overwhelming feelings you described. I hope you find the support you’re looking for. You deserve it.

All the best,


Jigsaw clinician

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