Peer pressure

At times, life can feel full of pressure for young people. These resources will help your class to explore their attitudes towards peer pressure and think of healthy ways to manage this.

Learning intentions

  • Explore attitudes towards peer pressure
  • Discuss ways to manage peer pressure
  • Explore boundaries.
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Junior cycle

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40 mins

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Minding myself and others

Jason's story

an audiogram image with a young male looking sad

In this scenario Jason is feeling pressure from his friend Mark to not do his school work and game late into the night.
Watch this scenario in class and ask students to discuss Jason's story by answering questions from the discussion prompt below.

Class discussion

If you were in a similar situation to Jason, how would you feel and what would you do?

What boundary can Jason set?

Is Mark unaware of how his behaviour is affecting Jason?

Sarah's story

sarah's story video thumb large

Sarah is feeling the pressure to fit in. She has started skipping class and staying out late on a school-night. What can Sarah do?
Watch this scenario in class and ask students to discuss what they just saw, write down reflections or answer a question from the discussion prompt below.

Class discussion

Is this scenario an example of good or bad peer pressure?

Do the risks Sarah is taking outweigh the benefits? Is it worth it?

Can Sarah talk to a trusted adult about the situation she finds herself in?

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