Teacher self-care

In this video, Cian and Jason talk about practical tips for self-care. They attempt to go beyond the more common self-care tips and chat about 'peer-care' and taking a breath in your day.

Practical tips for self-care

Cian and Jason are sitting across from each other.

Press the play icon to watch Cian and Jason discussing less common, practical tips for self-care.

Trauma-informed video series
Markers in the shape of an A and a t

Big T and Little t trauma

Cian and Jason discuss a trauma-informed practice, introducing the 'Big T' and 'Little t' concept.
shattered mirror glass in segments held together by threads

Dealing with bereavement

Cian and Jason discuss when a student has experienced the trauma of bereavement.
Schools chairs stacked on tables

A trauma-informed classroom

Cian and Jason talk about what being trauma-informed means.