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E-Learning for school staff

Our online learning platform has a range of courses suitable for all school staff including primary and post-primary teachers. School staff can access and complete the modules in their own time.

e-Learning for school staff

e-Learning for school staff

Introduction to our courses for school staff

Our courses provide school staff with an increased knowledge and understanding about youth mental health and issues relating to gender and sexuality. Other courses provide the opportunity to reflect on the important role school staff have in promoting mental health and wellbeing with young people, and emphasise the importance of self-care within these roles.

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Supporting wellbeing in schools course

Promoting and supporting mental health and wellbeing in schools is informed by emerging research, national and international policy, and best practice on promotion in schools.

Self-care course for teachers

This course covers the importance of self-care in the life of a teacher and how to maintain a self-care practice.
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LGBTI+ course

Jigsaw has partnered with BeLonG To Youth Services to launch a new online course: Supporting the Mental Health of LGBTI+ Young People.