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Leadership guidance

As a principal or deputy principal, you may find yourself in a challenging situations and have to respond quickly to the needs of your school community. Jigsaw recognises the need for support in the area of mental health and wellbeing for you and your staff.

Leadership guidance

Leadership guidance

Introduction to leadership guidance

School staff often juggle multiple complex tasks and demands, so a focus on staff mental health and wellbeing has become an increasing priority. Taking good care of staff helps them to perform to the best of their ability and ensures that they are better able to support students.

We have a selection of articles that explore leading under global uncertainty, how to support staff mental health and practical ways to consider your own self-care.

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Leading under uncertainty

The global pandemic created a wave of uncertainty. As a principal or deputy, you have probably had to adapt and respond to the needs of your school community in many different ways.
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Promoting staff mental health

Identify opportunities for staff to engage in capacity-building activities that support conversations about mental health.
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Leadership self-care

If we want to encourage students and staff to mind their mental health, it is important to act as a role model in minding our own mental health and wellbeing.