Supporting the #LoveNotHate Campaign

Supporting the #LoveNotHate Campaign

Friday, 12 March 2021

Too often in Jigsaw we hear from young people about the negative impact racism has on their mental health.

We need to send a clear message that racism and hate have no place in our communities. That’s why Jigsaw is joining more than 90 charities and organisations from across Ireland in supporting the Irish Network Against Racism’s #LoveNotHate campaign.

The campaign calls for the government to enact hate crime legislation immediately, to offer the best protection to people from affected groups in Ireland.

Show your support

Here’s how you can show your support of the campaign too:

  • Sign and share the INAR petition here
  • Talk to people about the campaign and its call

Find out more about the campaign on the INAR website here.

Racism and mental health

Being treated differently because of your race, skin colour or ethnicity, can negatively affect our mental health.

Find some information here that may help if you’ve experienced racism.


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