Fed up with staring at the wall

Fed up with staring at the wall

Thursday, 15 April 2021

James is 22 and from Kerry.

After he moved out of home, he experienced difficulties with his mental health. Eventually, fed up with staring at the wall, James went to Jigsaw for support. He talks here about his experiences.

James, 22
Service User
I realised a lot of things that were bothering me, when talking about them they didn’t bother me anymore.

Taking the first step seeking help

As James mentions, sometime deciding to ask for help is the first step towards things getting better. However, it can also be the most difficult step to take. We might wonder whether our problem is ‘big enough’. We think ‘I should be able to deal with this’. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out where, or who to ask for help. It’s not unusual to come up with lots of reasons not to get help because we are afraid or worried it will be hard.

Read more about when to get help for your mental health. It is OK to take your time when making the decision. Remember, it is never too late to ask for support.

Once we decide to look for some support, it can be hard to know what to say. Find out more about asking for help here.

Since going to Jigsaw, James has set up his own creative media company M.Edia, and has kindly supported Jigsaw in developing this video, along with Lauren’s story and Ricky’s story.

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