Watch: Where does stress come from?

Watch: Where does stress come from?

Saturday, 18 July 2020

In this video, Alice, a Jigsaw volunteer, asks Sinéad, a Jigsaw clinician what causes stress and what you can do about managing it.

Jigsaw Clinician
It's really good to know actually what your stressors are, like what makes you stressed

Identifying your stressors

It can be different for different people so it’s really good to know actually what your own stressors are. What makes you stressed and where does it come from?

Things that happen at home, school, teachers or friendships can be common causes of worry for young people that we see in Jigsaw.

Some young people have very high expectations of themselves, being perfectionists putting all this pressure on themselves. Aiming for perfectionism is really a way of being self critical, as you hold yourself up to standards where you will never be happy even if you achieve them.

If you’ve learned that everyone carries their own stress and they don’t deal, it can be quite hard to actually take that step to ask for help and think ‘actually I’m gonna share this’.

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