An accessible summer for all

An accessible summer for all

Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Restrictions are easing, after what feels like a very long time and we are being encouraged to have an outdoor summer. This sounds great in theory, but is not without its drawbacks.


No accessibility

Our towns and cities have been redesigned for this outdoor summer. But the move towards outdoor dining, as well as certain public facilities, are not accessible to all.

The outdoor summer we’re planning for needs to facilitate all types of customers. More often than not unfortunately, space hasn’t been given for wheelchair users or those with limited mobility.


We teamed up with some young people from the Irish Wheelchair Association’s youth service in Bray.

Opening with a seemingly simple ask for cars not to block footpaths, the young people highlight various issues they deal with on a daily basis, as wheelchair users.

The video demonstrates a lack of awareness for the accessibility needs of people with limited mobility and a desire for equality of opportunities. Most importantly, these young people communicate a wish to have access to things that everyone else is looking forward to as we move out of restrictions.

We know poor access and limited opportunities can have mental health consequences. Able-bodied people may not realise this. Seemingly innocuous situations like not being able to choose your own seat at the cinema, or not being able to get the dart when you want, can have negative effects.

Together, coming out of this pandemic we want a more inclusive society. One where issues around access are a thing of the past, and equality is the default position for all.

Thanks to Seán O’Kelly, Megan McGuckin, Tyereq Kerr and Chris Cassoni for taking part.
*Please use Youtube’s Closed Captions function for subtitles.

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