Ask Jigsaw: Can’t phone for support

Ask Jigsaw: Can’t phone for support

Thursday, 24 September 2020

Hi, I am a college student, and think that I may suffer from anxiety, and have thought this for a few years. In recent months I think it has worsened. Is there any way to contact jigsaw without talking on the phone/over video call (E.g email/messaging) as I do not have enough privacy in the house to do so.


Hi there,

We are hearing from many young people who have found that anxiety has increased over the past few months, so you are not on your own. With so many people now going to college from their home we are aware that privacy can be an issue.


Jigsaw Live chat

Jigsaw’s new online Live Chat service provides an opportunity to speak to a Jigsaw staff member by email or in a text based chat. You can click on this link to register/login. Chats are available at certain times, or you can email any time and get a response directly into your inbox.

Jigsaw face to face services

If you live in a Jigsaw area and you would like to make a face to face appointment, you can email the service rather than phoning. Click on your area for the right email address.

I hope this helps you get the support you are looking for.

Take care,


Jigsaw clinician

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