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CLANG with Jigsaw: Frequently asked questions

CLANG with Jigsaw: Frequently asked questions

CLANG with Jigsaw: Frequently asked questions

Below you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about CLANG with Jigsaw.

Registration and setup

  • How can I take part in CLANG with Jigsaw?

  • Is there a minimum age to take part in CLANG with Jigsaw?

    No, there is no maximum or minimum age for anyone to take part in CLANG with Jigsaw.

  • Do I need a team to take part?

    No, you can CLANG with Jigsaw as an individual and challenge yourself to walk 50,000 steps over 5 days and raise €50.

  • Do I need to pay to take part?

    No, there is no registration fee. It is completely free to join CLANG with Jigsaw however, we ask you to fundraise.

  • What is the differences between challenges?

    We have two ways you can take part as a team or as an individual.

    Team: walk or run 12,000km in 5 days and raise €1,200 while getting the 5 a day for your mental wellbeing. Each team member plays a part in reaching 1,200km and €1,200. Register here.

    Individuals: walk 50,000 steps in 5 days and raise €50 while getting the 5 a day for your mental wellbeing. Register here.

  • My phone can't track my distance, can I still take part?

    Absolutely, yes! You can still set up your supporter page and add your distance manually within iDonate, the fundraising platform.

  • Would we be able to take part as a corporate challenge?

    Yes of course. If you would like more information on how your company and employees can be part of CLANG with Jigsaw, please contact

  • Do I get any free CLANG with Jigsaw gear?

    As this is a virtual challenge, we provide our supporters with digital assets they can share online to gain support.

Event and participation

  • Do I need to have insurance to take part in CLANG with Jigsaw?

    By signing up to CLANG with Jigsaw all participants accept that they sign up at their own risk and confirm that they will not hold Jigsaw responsible for any accident / injury incurred while they are taking part in CLANG with Jigsaw.

  • When does CLANG with Jigsaw take place?

    You decide when you want to CLANG with Jigsaw. It’s a 5-day challenge so choose 5 days that suit you/your team and let Jigsaw fundraising team know so they can support you.

  • Do I need to be fit to take part in CLANG with Jigsaw?

    No, this challenge is designed to suit all levels and abilities. In CLANG with Jigsaw, you are in control.

  • Do I have to do this in a gym or can I do it at home or work?

    You can do it wherever you like as long as you’re adhering to the HSE’s guidelines during Covid19.

  • Can I cycle instead of running for CLANG with Jigsaw?

    Great idea! If you look for another way to CLANG with Jigsaw, you can absolutely cycle. You can CLANG in whatever way you want, whether that’s walking, running, cycling, swimming or rowing, whatever!

  • Are there any existing events I can join to fundraise for Jigsaw?

    Keep an eye on our social media for up to the minute information on events that will be taking part of CLANG with Jigsaw. If you are hosting an event please contact and we can help promote it to others!

  • Do I have to complete my distance within a certain time?

    Yes, the deadline we have set for our supporters is 5 days. We challenge you all to complete the distance required in 5 days. You can do it!

  • Do I need to run?

    You can CLANG with Jigsaw in whatever way you like. You can walk, run, cycle, swim or row the distance. Use any method you like as long as you reach the distance!

  • Is there a minimum distance to count towards my team's total?

    It’s up to you and your team how many kilometers you walk/run each day. Each member of the team plays a part in reaching 12,000km and €1,200.

  • Do I have to do the challenge all in one go?

    This is a 5 day challenge. You choose the date you begin and we ask you to complete the challenge in 5 days. However, if you’d like to discuss other options, please contact

Fundraising and financials

  • Is there a minimum amount of money I need to fundraise?

    For CLANG with Jigsaw team challenge, we are asking each team to aim to raise €1,200. For CLANG with Jigsaw individual challenge, we ask you to aim to raise €50.

  • How will my money help?

    All funds raised go to Jigsaw, The National Centre for Youth Mental Health, click here to find out more about how the funds raised from CLANG with Jigsaw will impact the lives of young people, their families and communities, right across Ireland.

  • How do I collect donations?

    When you sign up for CLANG with Jigsaw, you will have and iDonate fundraising page automatically set up for you. You can share this page with your friends, family, members, colleagues, classmates, clubmates on your social media or by email. You can also download your Jigsaw fundraising pack here.

  • Can I get a sponsorship card to raise funds offline?

    Yes, if you would like us to send you a sponsorship card all you need to do us email your postal details to

  • I want to organise a fundraiser to support Jigsaw, can you help?

    100%, we would be delighted to support any fundraising event you are planning as part of CLANG with Jigsaw. If you are, all you need to do is pop an email to

  • How do I get funds I raised offline to you?

    You can transfer a donation of funds you have raised directly into our bank account. Learn more about ways you can donate here.

  • One of my supporters can't donate online, how can I add it?

    You can manually input funds raised offline onto your page. For more information on how to do so, click here.

Technical queries

  • I need some help with my page; who can I talk to?

    If your have any queries, contact We’re here to help our supporters!

  • How do I log my kilometers in iDonate?

    If you are connected to your Strava account, it will be automatically updated on your iDonate page. If you choose not to connect to or set uo a Strava account, you can manually input your kilometres by clicking the ‘Edit page’ button on your CLANG with Jigsaw iDonate page.

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered in the FAQ’s, please email Saoirse at


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