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We provide vital supports to young people surrounding their mental health.

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Family | Friends | Information

Supporting migrants from war-torn areas in your communi

Ireland is welcoming many migrants from Ukraine, as well as from other war-torn areas. Read how you can support them in your community.

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eLearning | Information

5-a-day for mental health course

This course will help young people figure out who to talk to and where to find support when they're having a difficult time.

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Friends | Loneliness | Stress | Worry

Issues facing young people who are immigrants

It’s not easy being an immigrant in Ireland and it can be very difficult landing in a country you don’t know much about.

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College | Exam stress | School

How to stop stressing about exams

In the run-up to exams, we can find ourselves getting very stressed, procrastinating, or feeling stuck. We look at ways to help.

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Information | School | Stress

A parent’s guide to Leaving Cert stress

It’s a nail-biting time, watching your young person prepare for the Leaving Cert exams. Read our a parent's guide to leaving cert stress.

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LGBTQ+ | Personal story

My trans story

This is a personal story written for us by one of our young volunteers about their trans story.

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Exam stress | Information

Leaving Cert exam stress

If the Leaving Cert feels like a race to you, think of it as a marathon and not a sprint.

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Anxiety | Asking for help | Information | Stress

Managing anxiety

Anxiety is a sign something needs your attention. It could be telling you that you may be in danger or something is risky.

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Asking for help | Exam stress | Information | School | Stress

How to deal with stress

What actually is stress? Is it always bad for you? Watch our Jigsaw Clinician explain ways to manage feelings of stress.